f you publish on LinkedIn, or anywhere online, you know the feeling. You put a piece of yourself out there for others to consume, criticize, or maybe even worst of all, ignore. That thing you wrote, that piece of yourself you shared, passes by unnoticed.

It doesn’t expand your brand in the way you hoped. It doesn’t generate the leads you had counted on. You aren’t being recognized as a “thought leader”.

If that describes you—and at some point I think it describes everyone who has created and shared something—take heart.

You may not know it, and you may not feel it, but that act of creating authentic content matters more than you know.

The Most Relevant People

Most traditional media outlets today would have you believe that certain reality television personalities are the most influential, important, relevant people on the planet.

These people get enough airtime, so I don’t need to spend any time writing about them. In fact, I wish other people would write about them a lot less.

I wish more people would write about some of the people I interact with everyday. I share office space with a guy named Mark Neville, who is working on artificial intelligence applications to improve healthcare. The building Mark and I work in is a startup incubator called OPO Startups, and is owned by a man named Randy Schilling.

Randy sold a software company he founded and is using part of those funds to build an entrepreneurial community in our suburb of St. Louis. He is known to take the trash out and landscape the grounds when he needs to. Mark is always good for a chat about movies – and the world-altering impact of artificial intelligence.

Both of these people are far more relevant and will have a far greater impact than 99% of the subjects that get covered in the traditional media. They have stories that need telling, stories that when heard could impact the lives of others.

You have a story that needs telling. You have a story that could impact the lives of others.

More from People Like You

Social media helps generate and amplify the attention paid to people who don’t deserve it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We don’t need to just be a passive audience, forced to consume what the media feeds us.

And we definitely don’t need to be an echo chamber, re-tweeting quotes and statements made by people who only remain relevant in large part because we re-tweet quotes and statements about them.

We can do better than that. Collectively people that are truly relevant—like Mark, Randy, and you—can create an authentic, genuine form of media. We can write about our experiences. We can talk about what made us who we are. We can help other people get to where they’re going.

Creating authentic content isn’t just about growing your career or landing new customers (although that’s awesome when it happens). It’s also an antidote to the squalid, empty messages and people we are forced to see and listen to everyday.

So next time, when you share something that doesn’t quite reach the audience you hoped for, know that it was still worth doing. You’re voice still mattered—individually and collectively our voices all matter. We are creating a genuine, authentic, meaningful form of media. And if you haven’t put yourself out there, if you haven’t shared your experiences in the name of trying to make someone else’s road easier, go ahead and do it.

Because we need to hear a lot less from people like Donald Trump.

And a lot more from people like you.

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