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Saving money gives you control over your finances. Working out how to do that can be difficult. There are so many demands on your money for family, work and necessities that you can easily find yourself short every month and hitting the credit cards to survive.

Kathleen Elkins has made 6 changes and saved hundreds of dollars. Each change can be done in your own time and once you start doing it, the change will be life changing and help you control your finances.

My favourite idea was only using cash. When cash isn’t in your hands, it’s easy to just keep spending using your debit and credit cards. Looking into your wallet and realizing you only have $20 left makes decisions much easier about what you need to spend your money on.

There are another 5 changes that Kathleen made so check out the article and see what changes you can make to start saving money.

6 changes I made this year that saved me hundreds of dollars

“Kathleen Elkins/Business Insider Like most things in life, you learn through trial and error — through failing, making adjustments, and then failing again, until you find something that works. My first full year working in the real world was littered with blunders — but with blunders come valuable lessons. And with valuable lessons come a wiser approach to your life, career, and finances. After a year of trial and error, here are six of the most effective changes I made when it came to managing my money.
See the rest of the story at Business Insider ”

You can learn from this article and start making the changes that give you financial control.

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